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Jacqueline A. Small Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer
*Partner, Holness Law Group


With over 15 years experience with ICBC claims and all types of personal injury claims, I am dedicated to representing the injured. My reputation has been built on my commitment and my service to my clients, as well as my proven track record of obtaining fair results. My work is focused on ensuring my clients’ rights are protected and on holding insurance companies accountable to them.

The Small Difference

. I only specialize in personal injury claims. In fact, I have dedicated my entire career to injury law. Because I do not practice in any other area of law, I have extensive knowledge of injury law and the intricacies of dealing with insurance companies.

. I only work for the injured, never for ICBC or for any other insurance company. There is no conflict of interest because my interest is always and only with you.

. Unlike other firms, Case Managers and Administrative Staff with no formal legal training will not make crucial and impactful decisions relating to your claim and they will not provide you with legal advice. I will be directly involved with you every step of the way. I am responsible to you and I will handle all important aspects of your claim.

These are the Small things that make a big difference.

No Fee Legal Protection

My Legal Expertise

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